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We have a range of Earth Angel Crystals to buy as well as Meditation Courses. Louisa Earth Angel Crystals have been energised under Louisa’s Mothers Memory Tree. Infusing love, light and healing properties.

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Mystic Crystal Collection – £32.00

These crystals have been channeled from Louisa’s Spirit Guide and will focus on areas of your life which need clarity and resolve.

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Earth Angel Mystical Crystal Collection
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Louisa Earth Angel
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Spiritually and Intuitively gifted, you are reading this for a reason. In any situation, we can always find an answer.

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Giving Something Back

Once a month, it is my pleasure to share my gift with someone who truly needs it. Whether it is for yourself or a loved one, whether you’re new to spiritual healing or not; I would love to help, where a resolution seems out of reach.

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