Clarity Conversation

Intuitive guidance on a specific area in your life that needs clarity and insight

20-25 minutes

Psychic Readings and Intuitive Guidance from Spirit

Channelling Spirit to provide you with messages and guidance. Past Present Future.

30 or 45 minutes

The Experience

Past, Present, Future

Full Intuitive Spirit Connections

Guidance and Clarity

Louisa will meditate beforehand to connect with your loved ones and her own Spirit Guide

45 minutes

Manifestation Power Call

Focus and manifest through meditation, visualisation via your subconscious, for example, a new job, relationship, house, business – the possibilities are endless! This call is to look at your aim, manifestation will work with actions, thoughts and feelings. You will write your letter to the universe and have a conversation with your future self.

45-minute phone/video call (follow up 30-minute call within 8 weeks)

*This call can happen as part of a package, please see the
packages section*

Tarot Reading

The Tarot is one of mankind’s true mysteries.
I will consult the Tarot and look to see what your destiny holds. We will take a look at how you can make the best of the hand that fortune has dealt you.

30 minutes

Distance Angel Reiki Healing

I bring the Angels forward from a higher frequency, work with the Angels to realign, cleanse and heal you, towards a better mindset and physical wellbeing. After the session you will feel peace in your inner self.

30 minutes

Psychic Messaging Package

When you need a quick answer, clarity or guidance on an area within your life that may be cloudy, or your intuition might be slightly quieter, or you’d like to confirm you are on the right track, Louisa’s psychic instant messaging is for you.

20 questions

Cosmic Ordering

Cosmic Ordering is to write down what you would like to manifest and wait for it to become your reality. Louisa will meditate and order on your behalf with assistance from her guides and the Universe. 
Louisa’s Cosmic Ordering Service will consist of a call with her to discuss your manifestations and then Louisa will commence the meditation for your Cosmic Ordering.
This will also include a follow up Future Call within 4 weeks to discuss changes and positive energy that has entered your life from the Universe since the ordering on your behalf.
We will also send you your Cosmic Ordering Letter directly channelled from the Universe via Louisa. 
The exchange for this successful package is £144.


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Other Services

Event & Retreats

Attend one of our highly recommended events and retreats with Louisa.

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Corporate Coaching

As a business spiritual coach, I work with new and established businesses, in the private and public sector, to produce results. I will help you to overcome challenges, and to be the best that you can be in your chosen field.

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Louisa Earth Angel Spiritual Advisor

I am a Spiritual Powerhouse. I will guide you towards clarity, success and abundance in any aspect of your life, whether that be in your business, a relationship, or reconnecting with loved ones in spirit, take the step with me and you will see clear results.

I am grateful for my gift of being guided by spirit coupled with a high intuitive energy, and I am grateful that you are reading this. Take the step to connect with me, you are reading this for a reason, this connection is meant.

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