Poetry from Spirit by Louisa Earth Angel

Louisa Earth Angel Spiritual Advisor

I often put pen to paper to channel peoples loved ones in order to create profound poems. The poems are a beautiful keepsake and they make a lovely gift.

Love and Light

Poem From Daniel

I send so many signs and sometimes you miss,

The breeze near your hair, this is my kiss.

I thank you from heaven for all that you did,

You were the best there could be for any kid


Poem From Nan

And now the end is near, and so you face your next journey,

I saw love and kindness in abundance in your eyes when you were a little girl,

The loving child, the Disney princess always entered with a twirl.

You made me proud and in spirt you make me prouder as I watch you grow

Mother Earth giving and sharing your future and ideas ready to sew.



Poem From Roger

My Spirit is and that’s in your heart,

The first time we met from the very start

It was always you, my love, my life

My soulmate, my friend, my wonderful Wife