Manifesting Miraculous Results

This five step package, which has been tried, tested and achieved, through visualisation and meditation, you will accomplish the desired results. Ask, Believe, Receive. During this course you will complete a Gratitude Journal and Vision Board, provided by Louisa Earth Angel. The course includes writing your letter to the Universe, how to manifest your life beyond your wildest dreams and creating your reality, together.

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Step 1 – own it, believe it, trust it can be yours
Step 2 – cultivate the feeling, the miracle to feel 
Step 3 – letter to the universe
Step 4 – manifest your dream life
Step 5 – meditation and conversation with your future self

At the end of the programme you will have built
your own personal manifestation journal
provided by Louisa Earth Angel

5 x 40-minute phone/video calls

Business Spiritual Coaching: Achievement, Results, Gratitude

As a business spiritual coach, I work with new and established businesses, in the private and public sector, to produce results. I will help you to overcome challenges, and to be the best that you can be in your chosen field. From embryonic ideas to successful businesses, I am the spiritual guide to enhance your decision making, show you abundance in thought and mindset, within your working practice. This is a 3-month programme that includes, fortnightly FaceTime meetings, visualisation, guidance journal, manifestation towards abundance, standing in your truth towards decision making, surrounding yourself with the right people for the right job, future planning, achievement, results, gratitude.

6 x 35-minute calls

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Relationship Activation

Send out your mating call. Once you’re ready, don’t be shy! Send out your intention to the world. Be it the one who got away or the one you are yet to meet, I have guided many towards love and fulfillment.

Consultation call introduction 20-minutes.

Then fortnightly 30-minute calls.

3-month course, please email for details.

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relationship advice

Manifestation Power Call

Focus and manifest through meditation, visualisation via your subconscious, for example, a new job, relationship, house, business – the possibilities are endless! This call is to look at your aim, manifestation will work with actions, thoughts and feelings. 

Introductory 10-minute call with Louisa to feel into your energy.

45-minute phone/video call (follow up 30-minute call within 8 weeks) £120

*This call can happen as part of a package, please see the packages section*

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guide you towards clarity, success and abundance in any aspect of your life