Guided Bereavement Meditation

A guided meditation to ease grief and bring clarity of thought towards acceptance.

30-minute phone/video call
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The Spirit Bench

A guided meditation and visualisation towards the reconnection of a loved one.

40-minute phone/video call

Forest Waterfall – Meet your Soulmate

A guided meditation, through the forest, in which
you will experience a journey through your inner core. It will take you through the elements and spirits will direct you towards your very own waterfall. Through the cascading of the water your soulmate will emerge from the ripples of the
river. The continuation of the meditation is specific to the depths of your belief

40-minute phone/video call

The Cleansing Tide – Releasing your Blockages

A guided meditation, once in a tranquil detached energy, you will begin your journey, walking barefoot on the golden sands, with the ocean at the side of you, the waves will wash over your feet and the releasing of deep inner emotions will be taken away by the spirit and the Gods of the sea. The meditation and experience will give you enlightenment, cleansing, clarity and a renewed energy.

40-minute phone/video call

The Wise Oak Tree – Manifestation

A guided meditation, channelled through Louisa’s Spirit Guide. Take the journey through the enchanted forest where miracles are in abundance.Whilst in the forest your Spirit Guide will take you to the Wise Ancient Oak Tree.

Ask, believe, receive, as the branches breathe your manifested desires into your aura. Replenish, Renew, Receive.

40-minute phone/video call

The Lovers Meditation

Louisa will guide you through this visual meditation towards the beach of romance. The golden sand awaits you, and the sea and the waves will embrace your energy. As you progress through this guided meditation you will be embraced by your lover. You will stand, looking out to sea, and with Louisa guiding you, your lover will start to emerge out of the sea, no words are spoken, your lover will embrace you.

The sexual encounter will be Spirit to Spirit. Louisa will continue with the love and guidance of her Spirit Guide to connect you both to a higher level of vibration. This is a meditation that people return to month after month, be it to stimulate your own personal sexual desires, your relationship, or those of you who want to embrace a sexual encounter through Spirit.

40-minute phone/video call

Meet Your Wise Man Meditation

You will meet The Wise Man to receive messages for your future self. This guided meditation will take you through the Manifestation Forest, stopping at The Wise Oak Tree to then continue your journey towards the River of Knowledge, where you will meet The Wise Man.

The Wise Man will appear from the cave as the waterfall stops for his energy to connect, you will then receive your message and guidance. This will give you clarity for your future self. At the river, you will bathe in the water to cleanse anxiety, doubt, fear and regret. This will leave you cleansed, renewed and refreshed..

40-minute phone/video call

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Louisa Earth Angel Spiritual Advisor

I am a Spiritual Powerhouse. I will guide you towards clarity, success and abundance in any aspect of your life, whether that be in your business, a relationship, or reconnecting with loved ones in spirit, take the step with me and you will see clear results.

I am grateful for my gift of being guided by spirit coupled with a high intuitive energy, and I am grateful that you are reading this. Take the step to connect with me, you are reading this for a reason, this connection is meant.

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