Mediumship Development Course

This six week one to one course provides weekly sessions, where you will explore spirituality and begin your journey towards receiving the signs and working with the universe.

Louisa will have an initial chat with you to discuss at which level you are already at. Many people step forward already having signs, and in some cases gifted themselves, others are starting from the beginning.

It’s a beautiful course and one which stays with people.

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Intermediate Channeling Course

A six week one to one course to fine tune your channeling skills. During this course, you will work with your Spirit Guide and Angels to learn how to control your channel, and a chance to have a real life practise with Louisa’s guidance.

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Advanced Channeling Course

This one to one course will allow you to channel alongside Louisa to truly connect and perfect your channeling skills.

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Aura Refinement Course

This five week course will allow you to recognise Aura’s, what they are and what they mean. You will develop the ability to cleanse and heal your Aura, as well as others. You will be given the opportunity to put your new skills in to practice in a real life setting, with the guidance of Louisa.

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